Utah Games Guild

The Utah Games Guild is all about indies helping indies.

The Utah Games Guild is a volunteer organization dedicated to growing and energizing the Utah indie game dev community. Our main contribution is hosting public game showcases at venues like The Leonardo and Salt Lake Gaming Con, where gamers can preview in-development titles, meet the developers, and learn about our craft.

We also curate an online database of local teams and projects, as well as a learning resources page with information about youth education and game dev tools and tutorials, and we’ve previously collaborated with organizations like Spy Hop and Youth Tech Hub to help teach kids and teens about game development and educate parents about college and career options in our field.

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Josh Sutphin

JOSH SUTPHIN runs local indie developer and consulting firm Kickbomb Entertainment, where he is currently developing a new kind of arcade shooter: Legacy of the Elder Star.

Kickbomb Entertainment

Lyle Headshot

Lyle Cox

LYLE COX is an active member in the Utah independent games community and a full time independent game developer. He's currently working on Together: Amna & Saif.

Mount Olympus Games

Tim Headshot

Tim Rowberry

TIM ROWBERRY is the co-founder of TML Studios and co-creator of the character Bimey, who stars in a 2011 book release as well as a cartoon series and video game currently in production.

TML Studios


Lanie Dixon

LANIE DIXON is co-founder of the game development studio Octothorpe and a games user researcher working to make user research tools more accessible to local indies.