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Announcing the Utah Games Guild Database

DatabaseJosh SutphinComment

We've talked to many of you over the past year about the challenges facing the Utah game dev community, and one message we kept hearing over and over is, "Nobody knows how much is really going on here."  It's the Guild's mission to grow Utah into a powerhouse game development hub, and it's clear that to do that we need to raise awareness of all the amazing work that's already coming out of Utah.

To that end, today we're launching the Utah Games Guild Database, which aims to catalog as many local game developers, teams, studios, and projects as possible.

We've pre-populated the database with a bunch of indie teams and projects we're already aware of, but we know this is not yet comprehensive. To truly flesh it out, we need your help!

We've created a simple process for adding new teams and games; just go here and click either "Add your team" or "Add a game" and submit your info. We'll review all submissions (this is just to prevent abuse) and update the database every few days.

While the database currently skews toward indie teams, we actually intend to catalog all Utah game development. For those of you who work in larger studios where we at the Guild don't yet have personal connections, we'd very much appreciate your help and support in cataloguing those teams and projects, or putting us in touch with the right people to talk to to ensure completeness and accuracy.

We hope to grow this resource into a definitive map of the Utah game development scene. With your help, we can get there!