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Registration open for Salt Lake Gaming Con 2015

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The Utah Games Guild will showcase local indie games at Salt Lake Gaming Con
on August 6-8, 2015 at the South Towne Convention Center. The convention will feature video games, tabletop games, cosplay, gaming tournaments, game industry celebrities, and nightly parties and concerts. 2015 is SLGC's inaugural year, and over 25,000 gamers are expected to attend.

This is our main event for 2015.

We've chosen to showcase here instead of at Comic Con because it's much more affordable and the gamer-focused audience is better suited to our scene. Also, we've been able to make a bunch of improvements for this event:

  • We've secured a much larger, more prominently-positioned space.
  • We're offering 10x10' spaces for only slightly more than we charged for a kiosk last year.
  • Power is included in the price.
  • We'll have carpet this year, and it's also included in the price.
  • We'll shoot a series of video interviews, and publish and promote them online through our social media channels.
  • We'll cut those interviews and your game trailers together into a looping video reel to be played on the show floor throughout the event.
  • We can now accept credit card payments online. No more weird bank-deposit runaround!

We're extremely excited about Salt Lake Gaming Con, and we think it's an opportunity for the Utah indie scene to make a real splash. We hope you'll join us!

For exhibitor info or to register online right now, click here.