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Three local indies need your support!

Games, CrowdfundingJosh SutphinComment

It's crowdfunding season in the Utah indie community, and we've got three local indies who need your support!

First up, we've got Squishy Games with their 1-bit rogue-lite Rogue Invader. It's on Kickstarter right now with 17 days to go. They're a little over 10% of the way to their $20,000 goal, so definitely jump over there and give them your pledge, and share their campaign wherever you can!

Second, we've got Fueled By Rockets with their four-player combat platformer Crashnauts. They're launching Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaigns on Tuesday, September 8th, and they've set up a Thunderclap for that announcement which you can join right now. Thunderclap is awesome because your support only takes a few seconds and costs you nothing!

Finally, we've got Kickbomb Entertainment (full disclosure: Kickbomb owner Josh Sutphin is also a co-founder of the Utah Games Guild) with their side-scrolling shooter Legacy of the Elder Star. They're launching Kickstarter and Greenlight campaigns on Wednesday, September 9th, and they've also set up a Thunderclap which you can join right here.

It only takes a couple of successes to create new opportunities for an entire community. A key part of our mission at the Utah Games Guild is to put the Utah indie community on the map; if we can all band together and get even just one of these projects across the finish line, that would be a big step forward for all of us!