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November age 21+ Game Night at the Leo

Lyle CoxComment

Our fourth quarterly Game Night at The Leonardo is coming up next Friday, November 11. Different than usual, this is an age 21+ night, you can find further details here. Games made in Utah on display are as follows:

Hextrio – Hextrio is a beautiful remake of the classic falling block game Tetris. As the player you guide blocks of hexagons down the honeycomb playfield over a mysterious planet. As you progress, locking blocks and clearing lines, you learn powerful combos and techniques that become essential for survival.

Frayed Knights 2: The Khan of Wrath – Frayed Knights 2: The Khan of Wrath is the sequel to the award-winning 3D first-person fantasy RPG, "Frayed Knights: The Skull of S'makh-Daon." In this second adventure, our heroes are attempting to hide out after blowing the whistle on a conspiracy within the adventurer's guild. But in spite of their best attempts to lay low, they stumble over the truth about a dreadful prophecy and once again prove to be the wrong people at the wrong time, trying to set things right.

Momentum – Experience a new perspective with Momentum, a physics-based platformer. Choose one of many unlockable balls, and then skillfully maneuver it through 3D labyrinths. Race the clock as you rotate labyrinths and use gravity to your advantage. But be careful, because you could easily lose control. Momentum’s zen atmosphere contrasts with its challenging gameplay. The soothing soundtrack and detailed environments combine to create a truly unique, relaxing vibe.

Encircled – Encircled explores the concept of playable art. Taking inspiration from the century-old Russian Constructivist art movement, the game fosters fluid and engaging gameplay in a morphing abstract world of geometric shapes. Encircled blends mechanics inspired by classic stealth games, such as Metal Gear and Thief, with the casual interactivity demanded by the new mobile market. Encircled’s development first began at The Leonardo museum as part of the Colab-Or-Art event during the Utah Arts Festival.

Game Night is included in general admission. You can buy tickets here; for $2 off, use the discount code UGG2OFF at checkout.