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Announcing our 2016 Indie Showcase at Salt Lake Gaming Con!

EventsJosh SutphinComment


We've started planning our 2016 Indie Showcase at Salt Lake Gaming Con, which will be a bit earlier this year, on June 2-4. This was the most-requested event on our event survey by a significant margin, so... here we are!

For exhibitors: we're offering a $100 early-bird discount for 10x10' booths, and $50 off half-booths, if you register before February 29. For more info, check out the registration page.

Last year we had to purchase the entire space up front – all 1600 square feet of it – and then hope we could recoup the cost from exhibitor registrations. (We did, but just barely.) That space cost us several thousand dollars to secure, and since the Utah Games Guild is a volunteer organization, we had to cover that cost personally.

That was a huge risk for us. Fortunately it worked out, but this year none of us are in a financial position to take that same risk. But by starting very early we have the opportunity to raise the money before we have to lock down and pay for the space, without having to worry about that space being sold out from under us or running out of available space to buy... as long as we get it all locked in and paid for by the end of this month.

As 2/29 approaches we'll evaluate our finances and determine how many (if any) extra booths we can buy and hold for exhibitors who might want to join in March or later, but those extra booths would require up-front investment on our part, and since we don't currently have the extra funds to spare for that, it's very possible we won't have any extras. If you do want to show then your best bet is to get registered by the end of February!