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April Game Night at the Leonardo

EventsJosh SutphinComment

We're proud to announce our second quarterly game night at The Leonardo, coming up on Friday, April 15 from 7-10pm!

We'll have four new indie games on display:

ETHOS, IT BEGINS AGAIN An ambitious fantasy sandbox game with RTS and RPG elements in which the world is your canvas, and war your paintbrush.

A WHISPERER IN DARKNESS A visual novel adaptation of a classic cosmic horror story by H.P. Lovecraft tale that's revealed through painted illustrations, ASCII art, atmospheric sound effects, an unsettling musical score, and frantic email correspondence with a conspiracy theorist who might be a little too close to the truth.

ANCIENT GO The world's first Steam-based Go client! Learn and master this ancient strategy game with an interactive tutorial, AI, online quick-play, and a full server for advanced players.

SIPHON SPIRIT A fast-paced fantasy game where you assume the role of a young woman fighting to save her kingdom using rare magic: a spirit orb capable of absorbing the life force of demonic adversaries.

Game night is included with general admission. Use the discount code UGG2OFF for $2 off at the door! (This discount code should be used at the door on the night of the event.)

If you'd like to come check out some indie games, as well as The Leonardo's many other awesome exhibits, please RSVP using this link:

P.S. Did you know April 15 is also Leonardo da Vinci's birthday? He's the namesake of The Leonardo, so the museum is throwing him a 546th-birthday bash starting the very same evening as game night! There will be cake, science demos, arts and crafts, and a fascinating historical discussion with Dr. John Hunt, a leading expert on da Vinci. Come for the games, stay for the culture!