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July Game Night at The Leonardo

EventsJosh SutphinComment

Our third quarterly Game Night at The Leonardo is coming up next Friday, July 8. Here are the games we'll have on display:

CRASHNAUTS Crashnauts is an arcade style 2D arena shooter. Taking inspirations from classic games such as Quake 3 Arena and Metal Slug, Crashnauts brings a fresh 2D competitive experience to your local multiplayer couch.

DIVE: STARPATH DIVE Starpath is a 3D level-based flight through the stratosphere of planets, capturing the speed and action of a runner and combining it with the open freedom of flight. You are a Diver, an elite engineer stranded in the wake of a supernova. Guide yourself through the perils of space as you search for clues on the trail of a lost flagship. Avoid debris, hazards of interstellar space, and collect data canisters to uncover the path taken by your missing people. Only the boldest will succeed in finding a new home and reclaiming their future.

DUB WARS A music game that combines the mechanics of a top-down shooter with the power of Dubstep and Electronic music. Your weapons are synced to the music creating times of intense weapon load outs and calm moments where your survival skills are tested.

WE NEED TO GO DEEPER We Need to go Deeper is a 2-4-player cooperative submarine rogue-like set in a Verne-inspired undersea universe. In the game, you and your crew must embark on many voyages into a mysterious undersea trench known as The Living Infinite.

We'll also have special guests Enemy Slime and the Extra Life Salt Lake City Guild in attendance!

Game Night is included in general admission. You can buy tickets here; for $2 off, use the discount code UGG2OFF at checkout.