Utah Games Guild

March 2017 Game Night

EventsJosh SutphinComment

This Friday March 24th from 7-10pm is 2017's first Game Night at The Leonardo! We'll have a great lineup of local indie games to try out:

Summoners Fate

Summoners Fate by D20 Studios is a top-down adventure that combines exploration, card collecting and tactical combat that's turn-based, quick and gratifying. Hide behind trees or play a card that brings them to life. Douse your enemies in oil and ignite them with a fireball. Set a trap with a gravity spell to pull an enemy into your clutches. The possibilities are endless!


Ran$ack is a 2-4 player couch competitive burglary brawler with a 1930's rubber band art style. Part fighting game, part sports game, players throw a bag of money around the scene trying to bring it back to their respective goals to score. Good raucous fun!

Pyxel Knight

The King has declared, "He who marries another kingdom's princess shall rule the land!" Try to win the hearts of the stubborn picky princesses trapped in dangerous dungeons full of dubious enemies, surprising traps, bountiful treasure, frightening bosses, and more. Pyxelaria needs heroes and now it's your chance to shine! (Now on Steam Greenlight)


Shadowscrapers is an isometric puzzle game currently being developed for Android phones by University of Utah-born studio Sky Pulse. Navigate the rooftops of towering skyscrapers using shadows that are as solid as the objects that cast them. Currently running a Kickstarter to get onto iOS phones!