Utah Games Guild

Do you like playing video games? Do you like telling other people about your game experience? Then we need your help!

The Utah Games Guild has started a new initiative to assist local developers in getting their games in the hands of people who will enjoy them. We're inviting players like you to give your feedback to help them improve their games!

By completing the playtest participant signup you may be eligible to participate in future studies where you would be paired up with a developer to try out games or apps, most unreleased, and give them your feedback. It is important that you complete the form carefully and honestly. We are always looking for players of all types. Playing more games or owning all the latest consoles won’t necessarily mean you are more likely to be chosen as a playtester. 

As test opportunities come up, you may be contacted with follow-up questions. 

As a token of our appreciation for your participation you may receive swag, gift cards, games, or other compensation!


I’m under 18, can I still come playtest?

If you are under 18 your parent or guardian will need to fill out the application for you. We will contact them directly when opportunities come up for you.

Where will the tests take place?

Most in-person playtest sessions will be in Salt Lake City in our user research lab, or other predetermined location such as the developer’s studio or office. In some circumstances, tests may be organized in other areas depending on the needs of the developers. We’ll be sure to let you know the testing location so you can plan transportation if necessary.

When and how will I be contacted?

Our goal is to not only help developers get feedback on their projects but to also find people that fit the needs of their study. Playtest opportunities will typically come via email notification from someone on the Utah Games Guild team. Be patient: you may not hear from us right away, but we are always working to match players with developers so don’t give up!

What will be expected of me?

We expect you to come play games and give your feedback! We also expect you to be respectful and honest with your feedback, and to do your best to help the developers and the Utah Games Guild user research team. 

I’m a game developer in Utah, I need help!

Well, that isn’t a question but we are here for you! The Utah Games Guild is committed to helping local developers who are in need of playtesting help such as assistance in planning for testing, recruiting participants, and providing support before or after tests. We’re also available for consultation on other user research services, so if you are interested in getting more information, get in touch!