Utah Games Guild

2015 Utah Scouting Expo

The Utah Games Guild featured locally-developed independent games at the 2015 Utah Scouting Expo, held at the South Towne Convention Center on Saturday, May 2, 2015.

About the event

The Utah Scouting Expo is a showcase of what Scouting is all about. Units organize and present Scout related activities their youth have enjoyed over the last year. Activities ranges from canoe building, Cub bowling, checkers and chess, to obstacle courses. You may try your hand at the climbing walls, kayak experience, rocket building, or stop in at one of these areas to find out what the program offers on a yearly basis. Not only is the Expo a fun-filled day of activities and adventures, it is also a fundraiser for local units as they prepare to send their Scouts off to Scout camp and Day camp.

Did you know the Boy Scouts have a Game Design merit badge? This provides a perfect opportunity for the Utah Games Guild and indie game developers to connect with local Scouts and show them what game design is all about!